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Interconnected is a weekly, bilingual (English/Chinese) publication that looks at the venn diagram of builders, operators, investors, regulators, and how they are all (inter)connected. If you like complicated stuff, told un-complicated-ly, this is the newsletter for you!

The bilingual version is published on a standalone website: https://interconnected.blog/ (Also see archive of three years of bilingual writing, before this Substack was started.)

Thoughts, research, and ideas from Interconnected have been cited or published in the New York Times [1, 2, 3], Washington Post, Business Insider, Financial Times, Wired Magazine [1, 2], Al Jazeera, Wall Street Journal [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], Protocol, TechCrunch, Noema Magazine, Rest of World [1, 2], and South China Morning Post [1, 2], among other media outlets.

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