This is great analysis. I'm also watching this closely.

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Ali Cloud like you say has been around forever, is it AMAZON, or or any server-service like MS azure? Of course not because the CCP must validate all services.

CCP can never give up control, same reason they clipped the wings of Jack Ma,

So why in the fuck should western companys fear knee-capped companys??

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Alibaba as a company has seriously fucked their CEO ( jack-ma) but fucked by who CCP, or himself, or his inherent zeal to fuck his own customers??

that made the company as been forced underground.

Unlike AMAZON they never really got their suppliers under control, its still wild-wild west, where what you order is not what you get, and what did alibaba do? they just put the credit-card cut on the top at 5% which was their take, whether a transaction completes or not they still get paid;

But at least AMAZON really does put the customer first, alibaba has always put the supplier first and customer last, this is because most suppliers on alibaba are in fact alibaba companys

How can a Corporate scam such as this survive? Me thinks not

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