The "national champion" label commands more market power in an age of deglobalization and constant sanctioning risks.
Yep, Mark Zuckerberg's Meta.

February 2023

Ford, an American national champion, has no choice but to work with CATL, a Chinese national champion -- opting for economic pragmatism instead of…
Not really.
A semiconductor ponzi scheme that stole $2 billion in three years, making Theranos look amateur.
It's all about Cloud and self-driving, not Search.

January 2023

When there are enough incentives to be reasonable, reasonableness tends to prevail, even between the increasingly adversarial governments of two…
In TSMC's case, 4 to 5x!
Be Flexible Within Circle of Competence

December 2022

"Samsung Electronics is a strong competitor of TSMC...because the advantages of South Korea in wafer manufacturing and Taiwan are similar."
"TSMC's business model is that semiconductor companies are our customers, our friends."
This is the end of the beginning.